Thursday, June 4, 2009

unapologetic photo dump.

tofu fritatta (favourite!) messy version with added "pork" sausage and home grown oregano. made without a cast-iron frying pan befuddled me in a fight against gravity and made the result turn into rustic almost scramble. for an unmessy recipe with a cast iron griddle go back in time to this post. major changes were adding a bit of umeshu and fresh tomato and yellow capsicum in place of the red.

If you make a mess then it's an unbelievable sandwich filler. the toast is Naturally Gluten Free's Classic bread which is probably the best gluten free brand I've had and luckily I only have to travel to Leura (the township next to Katoomba) to get a loaf for myself. It fared very well in french toast last night. Good sign.

okay i am a bit apologetic that i've almost abandonned my fooding blog, especially because of all the time i spend thinking about food and plants. guh, moving, unemployment and stubbornly staying off centrelink hasn't meant that i havent been making and inventing in the kitchen, i've just been unprepared in my mind to take photos or make alex wait to eat because i need to get the right photo. damnit.

and for those who are curious, i'm still putting too much salt on my portions of food for health reasons, and i'm not getting much better except for that moving to a cold cold cold place for winter has calmed my heart a bit.

this is our new house. yes, the tibetan prayer flags do mean that we are sharing with hippies.
but they're fellow coeliacs and vegans so its tolerable.
In the meantime, I'll try to pick up the recipe'ing habit again. maybe..


Mandee said...

Good to hear you are feeling a little better now that you've moved :)

And that frittata looks so good as does the sammige with NGF's Classic bread, they are the Kings of Gluten Free Vegan Bread, imo and for the time being ;)

AND! I really, really like Leda's new choc chippetty cookies, so if you see a pack, try 'em!

steph said...

ooh, that frittata looks tasty!

I'm Philippa O said...

hello again my friend. i've been thinking about you as i bake - mostly in the form of "how can I be making this gf for the grl?" and i say thinking because I don't actually follow through because i love the gluten. love it.
you're stoop looks lovely, despite the faded rags.