Friday, November 7, 2008

Make your own fucking frittata.

Alex came down last weekend on a last minute decision to absolutely never miss any Ex Spectator show ever, as long as it doesnt mean too much expense, etc. He has (we have, but I don't count cos I live here) been at every Ex Spec show since their birth, and Alex is one for tradition. So 11 hours in transport from Sydney to Melbourne via the countrylink service, and apparently hitting a sheep and getting scared the train had derailed, there he was in Melbourne again.

I woke up early to make a breakfast for him and meet him at the station because feminism works that way as I have made that same trip a few times and know very well how much you really need someone to be at the other end of your journey, hopefully with a meal. I may not be very good at preparing meals for myself to take with me to school or work anymore but I certainly did a good job of breakfast boxes for Alex and I to enjoy before I had to shoot off to work. I took a photo with my mind.

The picture looks like this: Tupperware container. rocket salad on the bottom (flaxseed oil + mustard dressing), grilled flat field mushroom with garlic, rosemary & thyme, and a scramfu with capsicum. simple, but sustaining.

A good effort for a 5.45am wake up and stumbling around the kitchen pretending I wasn't making any noise. Breakfasts are the best shit.

And because breakfasts are the best shit, (a girl I once lived with only knew how to cook breakfasts so she ate breakfast for every meal) I made us a tofu frittata -after craving for it when my housemate made one using a recipe from VWAV that niether of us actually own-using a sketchily transcribed into note version i found by googling "tofu frittata please" and THE POWER OF MY IMAGINATION. yaey.
And now, using the power of my memory puddle, I give you, A RECIPE! Also thankyou Alex for photo-taking this picture and leaving your camera in Melbourne. This recipe is really basic so i encourage you to out-do yourselves again and again and again and again because there is a whole fucking world of vegetables out there and this recipe will take most. This is what I had written down before I made it
Approx. 500grams of firm regular fotu
1. red capsicum, chopped real small.
1. small onion, minced
3. T nutritional yes.
1. t paprika
½. t turmeric
as much salt as you can handle, and pepper accordingly.
and then i adlibbed some shit i can't remember but also:
1. T soy sauce
(or bragg's, if you got it)
1. big kale leaf, chopped roughly.
(whatever leafy green is fine, really. this is what i had and it was wilting and desperate to be consumed)
Prehead your oven to about 180c. standard. oil up a shallow pan (if you got a cast iron pan, that would be AMAZING and PPREFFERRABBLE) and let that one sit to the side whilst we prep.
Make to-goo with your blender, transfer the slop into a mixing bowl and mix in your dry seasoning. Saute the onion and capsicum until soft, mix into your tofu mixture, as well as the soy/whatever sauce you wanna use. and the greens. slap it into your cast iron what-have-you and let it fap around in the oven for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the power of your oven, and how brown/firm you prefer your food.
Whilst i had the foodprocessor out I made a walnut pesto and mixed some of it with rocket (i am obsessed with rocket. i love it! oh! oh!) and balsamic vinigar on the side. the frittata was a medium size, and half of it each filled Alex and I up very happily.

post script: i re-googled the frittata recipe i stole so that i could reference them.. it came from a mini-frittata recipe byRoxy @ Eat Vegan thanks roxy. you made us happy.

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Mandee said...

So will you be moving to Sydney to live with your bf? That's great!

And I tend to make sure there's food in the house for my man too and make meals for him, no shame in that!

I'm Philippa O said...

i bought a colourful crochet throw rug at that garage sale. YES!