Monday, May 11, 2009


At about 4pm on the 2nd of May I realised something had to be done.
I finally had an Ice-Cream cake in the fridge (that I have been covetting for for about a year, with thanks for the Kosher grocery stores in Bondi and my generous Partner for gifting it to me).
My birthday was to be on the following Wednesday, but I was moving to the Blue Mountains the next day and was going to be in Brisbane on the-day of my birth. CAKE PARTY was announced. 9pm, at Mgtvle (my now-former residence) because we had to do a trip up an down the mountain and wouldnt be back until then.
Alex and I hadn't had dinner yet so we ordered from Mad Pizza and by the time we'd finished eating and taken out the cakes, more friends (who had already had dinner) finally showed up in a timely manner, to taste the Vegan Baileys (as close as you can get without getting your eyes wet)

Kosher Parve Ice Cream cake made out of TOFU MILK. yay.

Pandan coconut cake made by Katrina of Rise up & Bake (who makes the gluten free cakes at Funky Pies).

My sweet-heart friend Kathy made a beautiful Tofu Salad and her aunty made some Sticky Rice Leaves with banana and red bean.

unfortunately I've been really bad at getting batteries for my camera so these photos are from my ex housemate Stella and so there isn't any of the wonderful food I ate in my trip to Brisbane which included: Hell Pizza, 2 kinds of Birthday cake my mum made, Kuan Yin, Magic Wok, Many different kinds of Mochi (INCLUDING A VEGAN CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUTBUTTER FILLED ONE), and The Forest.


I'm Philippa O said...

happy birthday sweetness. your leggings are in pieces, soon to be made whole...

Mandee said...

Happpppppppy B'dayyyyyyyyyy!!

I hope the move went well :)

Your cake sounds delish, do they make them to order?

steph said...

Happy Birthday!

Léna, said...

the ice cream cake came in a box. sort of like those store-bought vienetta thingies you can get, but vegan. it was three layers of different ice cream (rasperry, choc chip, vanilla) and raspberry puree on top! aaaah! vegan and gluten free and delicious.

kristy said...

Happy Birthday! I want pandan cake, it looks awesome. And where did you get the vienetta style cake? I've seen chocolate but not with 3 flavours.

Léna, said...

SORT OF vienetta! more berries though!
i got it from a kosher grocery store in bondi, Rishon's, in Balaclava also has them!!!

molotovhearts said...

Twenty one, feeling down
I tell you nothing with a thousand words
And I weaker get, with every step
I waste my money on compact discs and staly fish
I cant remember the last time I did something that made
Me feel allright longer than a few hours
If I only had the strenght to make some muffins then i
Swear that I would share them with you now

cseneque said...

Happy happy twenty-first, dude!
Hope you had a marvellous time.