Friday, June 12, 2009

Vina, Newtown.

Just blogging to let Sydney-siders and Sydney visitors know there's a new vegetarian restaurant in Newtown. I should have brought my camera to blog it but didn't, oh well.

Vina is a Vietnamese restaurant on the Southern side of King Street, a couple of shops down from the Sandringham hotel (for a point of reference landmark, this is a big pub). The place had the same song on a loop the entire time we were there (about an ahour and a half in total) but the decor was simple and peaceful and the staff were very sweet and happy.
Meals were well sized and you could control the heat of your soup with additional red chillies, if you so wished. Alex had a spicy rice noodle soup and I had a "Pork" hot pot with eschallots and veggies. Friends we ran into there were having a good time with a bowl of Tom Yum and some lemongrass "Chicken".
Prices are okay with the big soups at $12 and main meals going from there but averaging $16 each, there was a great choice of entrees if you go that way. There were some sharing options on the mains menu that looked like they'd be fun for next time ($35 between two or $60 between four) sort of viet rice paper roll style and possibly a hot broth fondu?
The Dessert menu looked delicious but we had to pinch our pennies a LITTLE as well as make time to get back up the mountain to sleep.
There were complimentary lychee and taro (favourite!) jellies at the counter and the restaurant also sells a few vegan condiments and mock meats for you to buy and take home (large range of tartex, some tuna that was quite cheap that I got -look forward to a potential blog on using it!- and many different kinds of lamyong brand mocks...).

decent food, casual and comfortable.

Vina, 393 I THINK King Street, Newtown 2042


Chloë said...

Hey Lena, How are you? Your new house looks good. Are you cold in those Blue Mountains?

Ugh, I am so busy with exam study at the moment.

I decided to re-open my blog, but I'm going to make it photograph and drawing-based from now. Planning on lots of drawing in the holidays. Still trying to work out a nice new name for it though.

Anyway, thinking of you & missing you.

Mandee said...

A new restaurant, woo! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Newtown

ZuckerBaby said...

I *heart* Vina's. I went there for the first time in the first week it was open, and have been at least once a week since. My favourite part of the menu is the "gourmet soups", with the Pho, Bamboo Shoot & Tom Yum all impressing with their megatastiness. I'm glad to see that other folks are finding it - I've been handing out the menu to all and sundry!!