Thursday, June 25, 2009


What you see here is a veganization of a Martha Stewart Recipe - Roasted Chicken and Jerusalem Artichokes that was the most interesting and appetizing recipe I could find when looking for ideas of what to do with the "sunchokes" as I've never had them before.
I pretty much prepared the recipe verbatim, replacing the chicken with my beloved smofu lightly pan-fried before roasting and some soya chicken slices in a marinade of tamari, umeshu, and lemon zest.

It's a really big dish and I was probably a bit too ambitious with the servings I made for just Alex and myself. I'd like to try this again for more people or with some other veggies as Al made a comment of it being extremely tastey but a bit heavy on the soy products. Otherwise, I found this recipe to be quite encouraging of my veganizing skills and am looking forward to more adventures with Martha and other meat-relying uberchefs.

I wish I'd taken a photo of this one coming out of the oven, it looked fucking fantastic. You can see a version of a vegan Martha-Choke on What the Hell does a Vegan eat anyway? where they appear to enjoy this dish quite regularly and I coincidentally happened upon whilst writing up.

I served mine with leftover brown rice, roasted potatoes & gravy, and a garnish of some of our dwindling watercress.



I'm Philippa O said...

what do Jchokes taste like? never had one either

Mandee said...

Looks delicious!

And I'm sorry about running out at the bake sale, Léna :( And I didn't get to meet you which is even sadder imo!

We'll be having another one, I will be sure to reserve gf things for you :)

Anonymous said...

totes putting in orders now- gimme one of the roasted chicken and jj artichokes
a tuna bake
and a tofurkey pls
hahahahahaha- or one of the above
cant wait to see you- its gonna rule big fat ones!