Monday, July 6, 2009


We made a quick dash to melbourne for a brief holiday. Staying with our beautiful friends Fjorn & Sean in Thornbury, after an 11hr drive from the mountains we were rather peckish and took a walk down from their part of high street to get some take-aways.

As we walked there we noticed a cafe that was covered in GLUTEN FREE, WHEAT FREE, DAIRY FREE, EGG FREE proclaimations in the window. The name of the place was memorised and Alex promised to let me go there in the morning. Could it be, a place where I COULD EAT EVERYTHING??????
Tart'n'Round were a well received feature table at World Vegan Day last year. I fondly recall eating a whole caramel slice in one go (yes, I believe I ate the whole thing!) and others smartly ate theirs in portions, and devoured the peanut butter (which are not all disimilar to some i made for TJ's pot luck last year) and cherry bliss balls. They've opened this cafe last week (we visited them on their 2nd and 3rd days of business -twice on the 3rd!!-) in the Thornbury end of High street that seems to be growing more and more in new shops and new interest past Naturally on High, every day. The balls are outstanding and the slices are exactly what you want them to be. The biscuits weren't too impressive (the one we got seemed far too dry and kinda tasteless) but the lentil burger patty and salads were filling and colourful and fresh.
At the time we visited they didn't yet have a coffee machine but were making sounds of expecting one ASAP. The menu also features vegan ice cream choc tops and cheeses, so it's worth checking out, IMO.

Usually I try to be kind of critical/skeptical of places I eat, especially when they seem kind of too good to be true (even if it is super exciting that a place offers vegan food or is a vegan restaurant it's more exciting if the food is delicious and interesting. just cos somewhere's a vegan restaurant doesnt mean we have to love it), but I was being lusted away by my old hometown and I don't know if you realise how amazing it is to be so limited in your diet against your own will and find a palce where you can eat EVERYTHING. If the cookies were a bit less shit and the balls a little less expensive I'd probably move under a table here.

839 High st in Thornbury 3071
Tuesday- Sat 9.30am -5.00pm
Sunday 10am- 3.00pm


takemetoblackmountain said...

hey lena!
i'm glad you got to try this place out and i hope you ate double for me because we missed the opening by ONE DAY!

oh, also... since you're a marzipan fiend i though you'd like to know i found another vegan marzipan chocolate bar in melbourne at a fancy grocery store in kew... with cognac! it was gooey unlike the more solid marzipan in the ritter sport bar and totally awesome. the same brand has a choc orange and a choc mousse bar that are also vegan. maybe you've tried them??

xo eva

kristy said...

I went there on the first day and blogged about it too. Emily has her finger on the pulse and gave everyone the heads up right before it opened. It is so about time that Northcote/Thornbury had it's own veg restaurant!

Were they selling the choc tops when you were there?

Mandee said...

Sounds like a great cafe, vegan & gluten free - yes please!