Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your Dad Curry

Last night I attempted a vegan variation on trotski & ash's my dad chicken curry using what I had around. It turned out extraordinarily well and I'll make it again next week maybe to shoot a photo of the actual curry and recipe and my very first chutney.
These photos are of a reheated late lunch I had this afternoon. I love it when I successfully veganise things, it makes me feel so accomplished as a feeder, and a little bit gloaty about what I like to think of as my told-ya-so on the few people I know who still insist all I can eat is lettuce. For those interested, I'm working on a recipe for an even-better Butter Chicken, am still unemployed, and forgot to take photos of an orange and almond cake with home made marzipan that I made for the winter solstice weekend.


cseneque said...

Yum, orange and almond cake sounds great!

Sarah said...

HI Lena,
So glad it worked! It is a delicious base recipe. Thanks for mentioning us.
x Trotski