Wednesday, April 22, 2009


*smofu: smoked tofu.
IMO blue lotus brand smoked tofu is more delicious than the earnest bean smoked tofu. better texture (smoother) and flavour (more subtle).
thank you, carry on, etc.

note: my opinion on brands of smofu is based on my own requirements and tolerances of a smoked product. the earnest bean has its merits but the blue lotus brand is the origin of my smofu love and therefore, my preferred.


lisa said...



I love it.

But I disagree with your Blue Lotus / Earnest Bean review. I like the bean best.

Miss T said...

Me too, but I'm willing to give Lotus a go ....if it's not good expect me to come back here and rant a little. ;p

Mandee said...

I thought of you at Naked Espresso on Sunday because my breaky came with the choice of 'fu scram or smofu. I went with the scram incase I didn't like the smofu, but I know I need to try it eventually

p.s you come up with good words/phrases :p