Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Marzipan

Home made marzipan (my million dollar eurotrash addiction that I've begun to budget down on by making my own) rolled in an organic dark chocolate ganash, set in the fridge and then jarred and kept to the bedside for easy comatose access! My up-coming debut into diabetes and possibly a premature death will be filled with almondmeal and blisss. Excuse me, I'll have another, alone. ta.

I tried to get a good shot of what the inside looks like, to show off my brown unhulled marzipan and how much it makes these little babies look like roo-poo but I kept eating them and got too excited to get a good focussed shot after this one.


Cindy said...

OMG YES! I have always hated marzipan... that is, until I made some myself, without so much bitter almond extract. Those look incredible. Diabetes beckons.

kristy said...

Looks amazing! How can I make some?

Mandee said...

You make your own marzipan? You're brilliant!

If you come to the pot luck and/or bake sale, please, please bring some along! <3

LoveFeast Table said...

ya know, organic dark chocolate ganache would make even plain almonds blissfulll! -kristin