Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cook Salad

On days where I need lunch RIGHT NOW and I am depending on not going out to the shops to pick something up, I cook a salad.

My housemate louise, who is also a vegan, went through a stage earlier this year of refusing to call a cooked salad a "salad" or many other "salad" things, she was avoiding using the word in protest of the stereotypical view of veganism and vegan food, can't make friends with salad, etc.
I believe the term she used to replace salads was "throw-together". Alex had a field day with this on louise, calling everything salad, left right and centre.

I wonder if anyone else feels similarly about the word salad and the normal feelings about how omni-folk (muggles) put on vegans/vegetarians from stereotypes of low food choices and stuff? Do people still even think that all we can eat is salad or rice or whatever? I've never been picked on in such a way because of my veganism, but my friend Tim (who is a very proud vegan) has joked at me that because I'm a gluten free vegan, all I can eat is lettuce...

I like cooked salads because they're fresh and warm at the same time, and because I'm generally a bit wary of raw food and undercooked food (this is a childhood pickishness thing, I guess).
This one is steamed pak choy, steamed oyster mushroom, crispy spicy salt and pepper tofu, green chilli, kim chi (home made for our house by my beautiful friend Jackson!!!) with a miso-mayonaise dressing that i spilled on one of my best dresses!

This was the first time I got to take a photo of a meal I've whipped up for a while/been bothered to.

This was the first time I'd cooked oyster mushrooms, I really really love them and their special taste and texture. I put them in pho a couple of days ago and it woked a treat! I really should experiment with enoki mushrooms soon.

What are your favourite kind of mushrooms and how do you like to use them?

ps: of course i know this isn't a salad but when it's lunchtime and i think I'M GOING TO MAKE A SALAD, i generally end up cooking something like this. don't judge me, i just like cooking delicious food, ok.


wantingkneading said...

Whenever Simon makes stir-fry he always puts in some oyster mushrooms (I don't because I am usually too skint to buy fancy shrooms) and even though they kind of creep me out they taste fucking fantastic!
The last time we had them was in a soy/vege stock/garlic/rice noodle bang up and they somehow looked like bits of sliced beef. Weird but good. I'm glad you liked them- it's always awesome to discover a new and delicious food.
Enoki though, I'm not so sold on. They are kind of stringy and strange. I think I am still a little bit of a kid when it comes to mushrooms- all like "ewww, that looks gross mum!"
Ps, that salad is SO NOT a salad.

Léna, said...

AU, please can my salad be a salad? it has dressing and greeens and oh i forgot to mention raw spring onion. it's kind of salady? let me have my salad day :(((( aw.


wantingkneading said...

alllllright...i GUESS you can call it salad.
as long as you know you are wrong


ps, marriage proposal accepted. on the condition that we have knishes and kittens instead of babies

I'm Philippa O said...

i think you can call it a salad, because the term is so flexible. i think by refusing to call such hearty meals salads only confirms muggle confusion that salads are flimsy green things that creep along the edge of your plate. we need to take back the term (by forks!)
i'm going to make a (cake)salad tomorrow...
oh and i think my faves fungi are those straw mushrooms followed by the shimeji or whatever they;re called, followed by black fungus

Cooper said...

I hate fungi! Possibly because I am not a fun guy, haw haw haw. All sorts of mushys that aren't champignon, biguns or littluns confuse/scare me.

P.S I made a snackin' blog.

Mandee said...

It's got green in it, green = salad!

Send me your email so I can let you know about meet ups, I assume everyone is in the fbook group, my bad :( :)

Also, coming to the Vegan Expo in Petersham, May 3rd?