Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Struggle

THE STRUGGLE, comrades of the blogosphere, is about how I am desperately wishing to write in here but am coming up constantly against great odds:
- Blogspot is actually a bit of a nightmare. I am currently testing out another blog that hopefully will be more entertaining at least for myself, and therefore less deterring to write in and hopefully more active on wordpress.
- Whilst I have two blogs this one will either dissolve or becoming completely food-based. I have had little time to be incredibley inspired in the kitchen lately, and I don't have a camera to document and proof to myself. Also I don't notate whilst creating recipes exactly how much of x,y or z i am putting into w recipe. This is also dettering.
- I can be incredibley critical, of food I eat (that i purchase, make myself, or someone makes for me), I do not want to be 'that bitchy blog' at all.
- My relocation to NSW is very very upcoming, and happens in about one month's time. Experimentation in the kitchen sometimes requires an amount of mess to be made, and often new ingredients to be purchased. I am being as frugal as possible leading up to the move, though I am pretty sur ethat I won't struggle when I move, I am still quite scared of not being able to afford to feed myself, considering the limits of my stomach.
- My recent battles with my health have put me onto an incredibley high-sodium diet as a part of treatment. My appetite is smaller and I am supposed to be eating 5 small salty-as-fuck meals a day, which is basically nothing to blog about. How many times could I blog about a different variation on miso soup?

IN ANY CASE. I still have the abilityn to google-image search pictures of things to talk about.

I would like to finally talk about House of Biskota biscuits - which I started seeing around about 6 months ago but never had my VEGANBYNUMBERS card with me when I saw them so I'd never given into temptation. Until yesterday, at allergyblock, I noticed that their labelling now SPECIFIES the lack of dairy or eggs.

Have almost eaten through a box of the tiramisu flavour. Am content. Would eat again. Will.


I'm Philippa O said...

those cookies look yum. i've started a wordpress blog about stuff and am struggling with the radically different format compared to blogspot, but i think it's just a matter of time till iget used to it.

Mandee said...

Shame you are not enjoying blogspot, I don't have too many complaints with it but there are a lotta ppl on wordpress too.

I hope you do keep up blogging, even if it's only once in a while and good luck with the move to Sydneytown!

Chay-Ya said...

strange to put shame on someone because they dont want to invest everything in google or are not happy with the limited nature of blogger, or believe that maybe somewhere there is something better... i too am searching.