Wednesday, December 17, 2008

November 15th: Sydney Food Not Bombs

Every fortnight (more or less) around 4.30pm at the Martin Luther King Mural on King Street, Newtown, a FoodnotBombs group brings a feast of free vegan food from the Jura Books kitchen to share with anyone hungry, curious, or otherwise inspired. The group works very hard the night before, dumpster diving for beautiful produce to cook with and braving dumpster juice and getting stanky. Unfortunately most of the time when I've made trips to Sydney, it's been on weekends when Food not Bombs was not happening or we were otherwise too busy to attend the cooking or servings. Also is a shame is that the group doesn't have a constant momentum as such yet, from what I can gather, and when Sophie and I came along to help with the cooking on the 15th (the serving was ging to be cancelled but prevailed!) it was just Soh, Jason and I at first, but we were later joined by a few other helping hands.
Nonetheless we were able to contribute a massive 5 dishes for the "masses" including 2 soups, a pasta dish, a warm bean salad and a fruit salad. Sophie has yet to blog about the expedition we made together to Sydney this time so I am liberating her photos that she sent me...

YOU TOO CAN CLEAN THE KITCHEN, COMRADES! Jura books is fantastic and their bookshelves have little notices on them telling the anarchists to please keep the books in order, that anarchism does not = chaos and stuff. Cuties. What you see is two pots of the same soup (winter veg dealie), and two pots of (not gf - did not have any, was well behaved) pasta for Marius's dish. The other soup was a pumpkin and fennel dream that Jason made. Thats me with the dinosaur left-arm action.

Sophie and my's Warm bean salad was amaaaazing. Boiled green beans, cherry tomatoes, celery, grated beetroot and carrot, and cashews. the dressing was the hit on this one, i can't remember what i did besides fivespice and oil and sugar but it was really lovely and understated

Marius' past dish. The sauce was ginger, garlic, mushroom and soy sauce with corn starch (good for keeping down the urges!) to thicken. Everyone went pretty wild about this one

Chillin' @ Jura.

Came home to MGTVLE that night to Louise making a raw pie. Despite how I generally feel about raw food (it's more about how I feel about the raw food DIET and the 'guru's and such things - see this video for more information) this pie was really lovely and Louise delighted in us guessing what made the texture of the pie filling and gave it its flavour adn colour. The base was almonds and straberries and coconut. The filling was, deceivingly made out of avocado but once you realised tha tyou really couldnt help but taste it within. Lovely treat for the end of a lovely eating day.
More info on Sydney's FoodNotBombs:
Every second Saturday. Cooking @ JuraBooks: 1pm, 440 parramatta road, petersham
Serving @ the Martin Luther King mural, king street Newtown. 4.30pm


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