Sunday, December 21, 2008

Taste the Alphabet

RECENT AQUISITIONS: 1. digital camera (chanukah/festivus/christmas gift). 2. gluten free alphabet noodles.
It has since been my goal to make as many different alphabet soups as possible. This morning's alphabet soup goes like this:

2 cloves garlic.
1 onion
1T olive oil
1 "beef" stock cube
2t paprika
4 small bay leaves
2-3 cups boiledwater
2t crushed dried sage
1T margarine
1.5T tomato paste
little bit of dried chilli flakes
pinch of oregano
as much salt & pepper as you like/need/can handle
vegan parmasen to garnish.

+ half a cup of alphabet noodles/however much you like as per your own soup:noodles ratio requirements.

Sautee the onion til transclucent, throw in garlic, stock cube, bay leaves, sage and paprika - combine well and then start pouring in the hot water, stirring as you go. When all water is in the saucepan and combined well with other ingredients, add tomato paste and then once all mixed, add noodles.
Add more or less water/noodles depending on what you think is going on with consistency in the pot and what you like specifically. When noodles are al-dente, lower heat to quite low and add margarine (not necessary, I did this for a creamy style thing) til melted, chilli and oregano. mostly for nostalgic reasons, I added parmesan to again recreate a creamy kind of tomato broth for the noodles.

Season as you will. This was really warming and simple. I don't know why I wanted to make it for breakfast, but at the end of things I guess I am a big bratty kid when it comes to food and I'll make what I want to eat whenever I want to eat it, if it is available to me.

More alphabetical soups are to come, I'm sure. I lit the first candle of chanukah this evening.

Chag Chanukah Sameach.

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Mandee said...

Yay for gettig a new camera and alphabet pasta! I look forward to lots more foody photos :)