Monday, December 1, 2008

Got Sconed!

BTWYFYI I have been spending almost the past month or two organising a festival and a split cassette release. Times have been hectic, I've also been working on havign enough information in my folio for review as assessment at the end of my course in 2 weeks, and an installation for the end of year show. I do stuff with plants, it's hopefully going to be cool.

A big shout out goes to one of my favourites, Fjorn, who has been overwhelmingly useful and happy to help and working hard on her own work as well as being my co-host in the fest and my bandmate, and helping me with art and stuff. Last night I made dinner for her and her boyfriend, Sean (who's been real busy rattling out a thesis all year) of: lemon asparugus, grilled tomatoes, grilled field mushrooms, and a tofu/almond/mint/pomegranite salad. sitting next to it were some cream cheese&chives scones, stealing the show.

I now present to you, the recipe for the scones WITH PICTURES with love from google image search. heheh.

This is actually the first time I've ever made scones, ever. F'serious, I ate them heaps as a kid but they were something mum always made for us and never showed us how, I guess because they're ridiculously easy. I got the recipe for regular cheese&chives scones and wrote it down and forgot it and then remembered and found it in my Back pocket.

225 g. self raising flour (i used my least preffered GF mix of flours, orgran).
50 g butter (used nuttelex)
1 c cheese (i used tofutti cream cheese)
¼ t sea salt
1 T chives
¼ c milk

rub flour and butter together. lop in the cheese, salt,, milk. put more flour in if necessary. put in chives, etc. its too easy.

220c oven, 10-15 min.

i was scared they'd be too biscuitty btu they came out fine, nice and robust and beautiful with the grilled mushrooms.

also apologies i am actualyl quite shit at writing out recipes.


Mandee said...

Sounds like you have been v.v.busy! Hope it all goes really well.

The scones sound good, I want to try making some again, last time I made them they were like dry potato cakes. I will try your recipe, ta!

I'm Philippa O said...

they were indeed very delicious! congratulations and a thousand times thanks for putting on such a successful festival. it was a really really good day! sorry i didn;t make it to your exhibition openning but i stepped out of the house to take suz for a walk and didnt take my phone so fjorn had to leave and i couldn't go. i was locked out of the house as pennance, and knocked off my bike this morning as pre-pennance