Tuesday, November 25, 2008

seven facts meme

dear vegans. here is the seven facts meme that noone tagged me for (well, lots of people tagged 'everybody'). in return, i am tagging NOONE.

1. This is important and relevent to know when reading my blog/talking to me about ethics or veganism: I DECIDED I WAS A VEGAN WHILST SITTING IN MY LIVING ROOM, STARING UP A CHIMNEY, STONED OFF MY NUT. I'm proud of this and I am never showing my blog to my parents. What had made me so stoned was a combination of (vegan) hash brownies and cookies that I had made. these same cookies/brownies had made a darling friend of mine a few days earlier, get really sick from being high and now she don't touch it. silly goose, they were fucking delicious. THE DAY I DECIDED I WAS A VEGAN, I HAD A BRUTAL BIKE ACCIDENT AND NOW HAVE A PERMANENT SCAR AND BUMP ON MY LIP, AND MY FRONT TWO TEETH ARE NO LONGER MINE. for reals. The last time I consumed flesh, it was my own (a piece of my lip was swallowed). I then couldn't chew food properly for about a week or so and so when I ran out of pain killers, all I ate was heated up hash brownies with soy milk and maple syrup.

2. I never finished highschool. I was a big (fat) nerd and I loved my classes and teachers and the library, but I got really bugged down with glandular fever and didn't complete. Also in highschool, I played a fuck load of sport.

3. I think meat is amazing and congratulate any omnivore who continues to consume flesh whilst knowing everything that is involved in the makings of a meat based meal. I really enjoy walking pass local butchers and seeing their layout and displays. there's a really good one near where I wait for the bus to work. but I think that's just an aesthetics/nostalgia thing..

4. I am legally blind, and don't wear glasses. Sometimes when I am meeting my partner at the airport or train station and am approaching him/being approached, I rely heavily on a couple of signifiers (the way he walks, his back pack, his shoes) to recognise him as I can't see facial details until they are less than 10 metres away, most of the time. Sometimes I can't recognise my parents from far away either. I've gotten pretty good at identifying how my loved ones walk and hold themselves so it's not caused too many problems (once as a child i held a strange man's hand thinking he was my father).

5. I wear a ring on my left hand's "ring" finger. My mother once asked me if this was a defence tactic so I wouldn't get hit on. The ring has a detail of an owl with his wings spread out, which I generally keep facing the same direction as my palm. I like keeping it personal like that. I wear it on that finger because I spent a really long time in the store I bought it from, discussing with the salesperson the merits of the ring on each finger. it looks best on this finger, is the decision that was made, and fuck traditions. The only person who has asked me if I'm married from seeing my ring was an old man who takes my bus.

6. I cheat on my coeliac stomach all the time.

7. I have a slight allergic to tea-tree oil and my mother discovered this when I was 5 after putting me in a bathtub with some in it and I flared up in a hive rash. I am also allergic to imitation strawberry flavouring, it makes me vomit almost instantly. My dad discovered this after I threw up pink coloured milk allover his bed when I was young.


Cindy said...

Imitation strawberry flavouring makes this non-allergic want to vomit...

Mandee said...

I think I'm slightly allergic to tea tree oil too, I put some on my skin and had a red rash appear and it was a dry, flaky patch for weeks afterwards.

Miss T said...

No-one tagged me either Lena, so snaps to you for doing it anyway!

wantingkneading said...

Ahahahaha!!! at #1. I know you were probably in terrible pain, but man, that is an awesomely funny story.