Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eat the City at PLATFORM

Yesterday Pip and I met up so I might show her what my installation studio piece for college has grown into. The installation is a play with fruit and veg and ideas of preservation and domesticity..

Afterwards we met up with Sam and Rohan and went to have a coffee at Pushka and looked at the current display in Platform Group's window spaces.

The exhibition is called Eat the City, created by Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman, who has planted some edible and non-edible plants in architectural models (I think that are modelled from the streets of Melbourne's CBD). I found the models to be really delightful, though I do wish there were a lot more of them. There are a few really playful and smile-breaking tricks that Thiedeman has thrown into the mix to explore ideas of invasion and urbanization...

The exhibition started in the beginning of this month and you could see the poor plants suffering from being in the boxes. The show is for twenty-six days, so is probably due to close soon.

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