Thursday, July 3, 2008


The Great Vegan Bake-Off is coming to Melbourne.

I have absolutely no intention of competing. But seriously. Damn.


Katrina said...

enter enter enter! i DEMAND it!! your recipies are fabbo and tasty!

kristy said...

Yes, you should enter. I'm considering it and I have shit cooking/baking skills. How often do you get the chance to enter vegan baking contest?

Léna, said...

i have a pretty hit/miss 100% satisfaction rate with my experimental baking. i can produce a general 'mama-love' standard of stodgy cakes that are good for completely biased friends/family/lovers who feel sorry for my not being able to use flour.

also. baking is totally personal for me. i dont know about competitive baking, but if there were a competition vegan eaters alliance i'd be president.