Monday, June 23, 2008

the co-op shop

The Co-op shop is a new, fresh and energetic community op shop that supports a range of diverse causes and groups.
The Co-op shop sees that what we need to change the world is postive steps, sustainablity, diversity, activism, awareness, peace.
The Co-op shop is recycling used clothing and reusing the abundance of material wealth in our society, rather than consuming new product that exploit people and the environment.
The Co-op shop exists to fund groups with a focus on indigenous, human rights, social justice and environment issues.
The Co-op shop is 100% transparent and all profits are donated to a different cause/campaign/project each month through a "grant" process, that all community/social/environmental/indigenous groups are welcome to apply for!
The Co-op shop is lots of dedicated and inspired people coming together to make a functioning SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY FUNDING RESOURCE.....
The Co-op shop is run entirely of volunteers, all working 3 and a half hours a week/fortnight in among our diverse, friendly and supportive volunteer community.
The Co-op shop is a place where your voice and input is not just welcome but encouraged.
The Co-Op shop is a community resource. Working in co-operation with each other and the local community, we turn used goods into a valuable community resource, providing a sustainable funding base for groups aiming to create a sustainable and just world. We believe that local community needs to be empowered to participate in social justice, environment and indigenous issues, and wish to create the Co-Op shop as a place for this to happen.

i do an alternating saturday shift here. it's pretty cute and new.

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