Monday, March 2, 2009

Making time for Best Friends, Punk Rock, and Connectivity.

my 36-hour secret surprise trip to melbourne entailed the following:

napping in my favourite ever bed in the world - thanks caitlin honey!

fresh produce lunch - asparagus, bok choy, oyster mushroom, bean sprouts, deep fried tofu, red cabbage, red chilli, soya dressing and fresh coriander.
caitlin!!! caitlin told me about how during the heatwave all the coriander in victoria melted, and in queensland's floods, all the coriander drowned and so it was particularly hard to come across fresh australian coriander during this time of hardship. which is a good thing if you're one of those people who think coriander/cilantro is a foot-smelling disgusting herb. fascists.

house show/closing party for a sharehouse where a group of my best friends have inhabitted for around 2 or so years. singing along to a rites of spring cover with Ex Spectator, surprising my besties and people that I love and miss entirely and without exception.

breakfasting at a minor place - henry's white beans, soy flat white (made perfect), dogs and big hugs.

attending a bushfire benefit hXc show and eating ferrer rocher truffles, sushi, rice paper rolls and a delicious banana chocolate smoothie all for the sake of raising much needed moneys for the homes and families of buishfire victims. also, all my circuits!!! what a wonderful, fun band!

coming home to my big happy warehouse and getting lots of hugs from my darlings


Miss T said...

Awww! What a lovely post! it sounds like everything was sunny and happy for your trip - just the way it should be :)

steph said...

your trip sounds great! also, check out that big 'vegan' sign - woo!

Léna, said...

it says "ALL VEGAN", yo.
every last deliciousness on the table. and pizza behind it. and smoothies.

Anonymous said...

my coriander didnt die, it actually flourished like crazy during the heat wave (although my parsley did and i think it actually sacrificed itself for the coriander,,,awwwww)