Thursday, February 26, 2009

Make with Fruit

banana maple buckwheat pancakes with stewed apples and berries and their syrup.
for reference: we generally use this combination of ingredients for pancakes. apples were peeled and sliced thinly and brought to a boil with lots of sugar, a cinnamon stick, some nutmeg and whole cloves. berries thrown in at the end. a thicker syrup was reduced after taking out the fruit and putting in more sugar and boiling til suitable.

this was our contribution to a massive breakfast made by alex, ryan and myself for us and the swedes, for no real reason other than 'happy wednesday late breakfast'.



I'm Philippa O said...

they look lovely

Léna, said...

we've gotten into a good rythmic habit of making pancakes, occassionally disagreeing on technique of amount of batter on the pan and heat of oil on the pain and stuff but they always turn out delicious, even the first one!