Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet & Sour Ham

I'm not even going to write much about this one because I only made it as a quick lunch and to see what the flavor of a soy mock product i have in my fridge tastes like.
The thing about being a vegetarian or vegan is that after a while, you can't really remember what meat is like to eat or to have in a meal. When presented with the option of cooking a mock ham, I was curious but really really confused. Even in my staunch meat-eating days, I never touched anything that came from a pig. I just have no idea when it comes to cooking meat, though I often look at meat based recipes and think "that'd probably be delicious, maybe i could replace the meat with eggplant or mushroom or capsicum and it'd be the same" maybe because I cannot eat gluten mock, i just realy on plant subsitutes generally. WHATEVER.
I used a bottled sweet n sour sauce and simmered some fake ham in it and some snake beans. served on a nest of baby choy sum steamed with (australian) garlic for good measure.
almost immediately after topping with slivered almonds, i dropped the bag of them on the kitchen floor and it looked like an explosion.

+++++ POST SCRIPT: yes Pip, it was tastey. i over steamed the baby choy sum though.


I'm Philippa O said...

well, was it good? i think you made the right choice though, maing it sweet and sour

spry, wry & grey said...

Just came on here after about three months of absence from this site, to find that Lena now has a digital camera and is cooking up even more storms than previously. Dieses ist gut. X