Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jinhua Vegetarian Ham

This is that "Ham" used in my sweet-n-sour ham dish. It's a beancurd mock very similar in texture to ZhangXiaoBao's Vegetarian Duck (which you can have served at the Shanghai Dumpling house for between $1/$2 more than the price at the grocery store I get it from), and the flavour is only a little bit different to the duck. The main difference is the shape tha tit comes in. It looks like pork chops (I GUESS? I THINK I KNOW WHAT PORK CHOPS LOOK LIKE?) and kind of steaky.
I actually have a recipe for preparing a "Vegetarian Duck" with beancurd sheets which one day I will prepare again and you will all star at me in awe and devotion and OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE THERE IS NO MSG IN IT. Until I buy a packet of MSG, for tastey stomach-hurting good times. (Alex's kitchen has one of these bags -which at last check remains unopened- and it has contact information on the bag for emergency services on it. AMAZING.).
love and kisses, L.

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