Saturday, January 17, 2009

Change of Address.

I have been eating but nothing terribly exciting.
The last week was spent saying goodbye and packing up and was pretty hectic.

Philippa made me some beautiful cookies to eat whilst we travelled for 9 hours north, back seats folded forward and crowded with everything I've owned in Melbourne that I hadn't discarded. An entire pantry's worth of flours and grains and condiments in towe, the cookies lasted until I woke up this morning in my new room.
It's interesting for me to enjoy food made specifically gluten free (ie. using gluten free flours) by people who aren't gluten free but are mostly just being very kind towards someone with an intolerance. I would probably be stumped making a cake with wheat flour these days, not instantly assuming certain adjustments to liquid/flour ratios required when cooking with GF flours or subsitutes.

Alex kindly kindly kindly gifted me a chocolate cake with rasberries he bought from Rowie's Cakes, a gluten and dairy free bakery that makes some egg free cakes and cake/pastry mixes in Marrickville, where our warehouse is.
I feel very spoilt and lucky whenever anyone takes wheat out of food that they are preparing and sharing with me, and it is an extra special treat to be able to eat a cake that has come from a store. Such a novelty, more than anything. Last trip to Sydney before moving here included a taste of a raw cake our friend Lawrence had in his fridge from Concious Choice. I became giddy at the event of that cake particularly.

SO here I am now, in Sydney town. For as long as we last, perhaps. Expect updates with food pictures soon, when they happen and everything is more unpacked and settled. I haven't dug out my camera yet, but it'll happen soon.


I'm Philippa O said...

i'm very very glad you are settling in. i'll see you soon. miss you. glad you likes the cookies

Mandee said...

Welcome to Sydney!

& in regarss to your comment, Pure is on Darley Rd, so you have to walk away from the beach at the south steyne end. It's just down from an intersection. Shame you couldn't find it!