Thursday, November 6, 2008

We Must move Backwards to Progress

The Lapse - Betrayal!
mediafire zipped folder, mp3 format.


The Lapse were Toko Yasuda (Enon, ex-Blond Redhead) and Chris Leo (ex-Native Nod, Vague Angels) who formed together in 1997 as this porject following the breakup of The Van Pelt (great band). Good summer music for chilling out and being awesome and highfiving your mate for planting some amazing spinach or something like that. Nothing too brutal or too 'nice', somewhere between, though much closer to 'nice'. I wanna say post-punk-ish but I don't want to say that, lyrically half-spoken and often eulogising. Just lovely. I am enjoying this a lot regularly, and songs from this album are probably going to feature heavily in upcoming mix tapes for friends.

Here comes summer.

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