Friday, February 13, 2009

Melinzana Food Babies.

food baby:
When a person indulges in a large amount of food which makes their stomach stick out from the fullness as if they're pregnant.

I still feel like there is a Melinzana food baby in my belly from last night's gorge. Pip left her camera there during Decolonise '09 and so picking it up meant I had to make tracks to Melinzana, which inevitabley involved bringing a bunch of friends and eating ourselves to a slow happy death.

So, you may not see it on the Menu, but this place has vegan cheese. Amazing melty vegan cheese and if you pay $2 more (medium, $3 large) you can veganise your gourmet woodfired pizza. There is also vegan peperoni and ham, should you want to get into that territory. Their pizza bases are home made and they make gluten free bases in a medium size. The following was ordered:
Patata Vegetarian w/Soy Cheese & Gluten free base - Me.
Spinach w/Soy Cheese - Alex S and Rob.
Melinzana w/Soy Cheese - Harriot and Haidee.
Supreme - Richard
Gorgonzola - Alex D.

Lots of sharing went on except for me, because I was limited to one kind of base that cost $3 extra, so my extra moneys came to $5 more which is a bit spenno in my books, but man oh man.

I only got a good shot of the Patata Vegetarian, but the other pizzas looked unbelievable (expect a much-delayed post from Pip when she gets her camera back!). I really liked the base of this pizza, as a gluten-free snob of sorts, it did the trick and I didn't feel like I was missing out on much. I can believe I ate the whole thing, and I wish I could eat it over and over and over again.

Mad props to Richard for demolishing the large supreme almost 100% by himself give/take a couple of swapping of pieces between parties. Three kinds of meat!!! Holyshit.

Anyway. If you're visiting or are in the area, go to Melinzana. Be fed, be pregnant to a potato pizza, and get a bit silly-hyperactive on cheese dreams.

Melinzana Wood Fired Pizza
289 Enmore Rd
Enmore NSW 2043
Phone (02) 9516 1781


drossolalia said...

Oh my. That makes a few places now in Sydders with vegan pizza. Going to come and get knocked up at Basil Pizza if we ever organise our next gathering? :-)

Léna, said...

ooo let me know! do they do gluten free bases?

Mandee said...

Yes they doooooooo! I am so frickin' excited, I wish I was eating there tonight. They have Cheezly and the Cheezly Cheatin Pepperoni now too for ppl who want faux meat on their vegan pizza.

I'm happy to see another pizza place offering vegan cheese and gf bases!