Monday, October 20, 2008

purple hills

please tell me what to do with my beetroots.
i was having a bad day and went to the markets and had a bad time so i bought beetroots because i like that if you eat too many you get purple poos but i've never cooked this delicious root before and i dont want to have an even worse time. i've only ever had beetroot dip and once i had some curry thing but my dad ate most of it.

i dont need to make anything big for a while i'm feeding just myself.

++++++++ are spaghetti squashes available in australia? is the general consensus that they are delicious or not worth it?

i have added a few more blogs for the sighting to your right under treasures. my favourite new one is probably raised on sunshine.

ALSO, crazy vegans of melbourne (because you all are actually insane and i am one too) is anyone going to the vegan day celebrations at the abbotsford convent this sunday? i am very interested in going and might even ride the merri creek to get there this time but am a little bit cautious of going myself because the office i work in is on that site and it will maybe feel like i am going to work on a sunday and i don't ever want to do that here.


wantingkneading said...

If you have beetroot leftover from whatever you decide on making, you should try this recipe-
It is really delicious! It keeps for a long time, and it's a really good thing to cook when you have too much hanging around getting all soft and wrinkly.

Léna, said...


thank you, you are precious.

incredibly helpful seeing as i am really really really good at letting my root vegetables get soft and wrinkled.


Chay-Ya said...

Borscht is a really wonderful thing to make with rote bete's (german for beetroot) it is a russian soup and tradionally made with potatoes and lots of parsely.... you can also add other vegetables and brown rice and fresh apricots and lemon juice and things. and then blend it all up into a lovely thick pink soup...
hmm, and it can be eaten cold or warm with a little dash of something creamy or oily and some yummy fresh bread...
it is really nice to see your blog, it is my first time here, im happy. and i love you. x

Buttons said...

beetroot and walnut dips/pesto are amazing, as is a shredded beetroot salad with also carrots, ginger, coriander etc in it.

and i'll be at world vegan day!!!

and also we need to confer about what you ate in tasmania!!!


drea said...

grated raw beetroot, lemon juice, pickles, pickled yellow peppers and artichoke hearts can do no wrong for a lazy snack.

I'm Philippa O said...

i will do no such thing! but thanks. what did you end up doing with said beets? mine are just starting to sprout and are so cute!

Léna, said...

bloody heck most annoying week ever. I think i'm going to make some latkes with one of them, try out a borscht, and i wanna make a cute curried salad with nuts and rocket and stuff, if i can figure that out.