Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Preshafruit Fruit Juices

So like, the most exciting thing about my work these days (besides being on the site where this year's World Vegan Day festivities took place) is the availability of Donnyboy PRESHAFRUIT fruit juices at the Convent Bakery (famous in my office for really lacklustre coffee, a horrible manager, and the absolutely last resort of catering for meetings held here on site). This stuff is the bitches' bees knees, spread wide and open, fresh from the earth's uterus.
So like, when you normally make apple juice, and other juices, you have to pasteurise the fruit with heat. so the juice is just sort of rendered into this generic 'apple' taste and depending on the company, they will either leave it cloudy (for the vegans) or zap it full of what-have-yous (with fish preservatives!). cloudy apple juice is the most preferred, because it's sort of like the equivalent to an orange juice with heaps of crazy pulp action.
When Donnyboy makes PRESHAFRUIT fruit juices, they pressurise the produce, cold. This makes the shelf life(fridge life) a bit longer, and also leaves the juice with the fragrance and flavour of the specific species-type of fruit in tact. APPLE JUICE WITH INTEGRITY! So far I have only tried the Granny Smith and the Pink Lady juices and -damn-. Damn, fuck, and shit.
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artdecade said...

this looks AMAZING. I will have to try some, I've never seen it anywhere. Have you had that amazing 100% pomegranate juice? I can't remember the brand name but it really really is incredible and super good with soda or as a mixer (an expensive mixer.)
and I just realised that I am linked! Linking you back sweetie. My blog will have new life breathed back into it post Friday.

artdecade said...

ps. i just don't understand why anyone would choose that other apple juice over cloudy apple juice. and i'm not even vegan. it's just a million times tastier and better.

Léna, said...


I'm Philippa O said...

no, polo is the sport of sexually frustrated upper-class gentlemen

Buttons said...

apple and pear flave. get it.

I'm Philippa O said...

my work is thinking of stocking these babies soon and i got to try some of the prospective flayvas. and yes, apple and pear. KAPOW! (insert nuclear explosion photo) so intense. apple and lemon = also good, valencia orange = meh