Friday, August 22, 2008

Shoes, Monk House.

Things you should keep in mind as i go absolutely crazy about my shoes right now:

1. This morning I was referred to as "sir". This happens sometimes and I'm not sure why. I mean, I HAVE BREASTS, okay. And not in a man-boob way. When this happens I tend to revert back to extreme feminity in taste and action whilst getting quite agitated and simultaenously organising a far-shorter hair cut and beard envy.

2. My paternal lineage is carpenters and shoe-makers. I therefore have some sort of right to have interest in the structure of well made furniture and shoes. I THINK. ha.

3. I am tall. REAL TALL, and so it is very hard for me to find shoes that are cute, in my size range, practical, and most of all: ethical (in obvious vegan fashion I do not partake in the leather/wool/silk industries, though i do believe that exception can be made for second-hand/recycled wares).

And so. For me to buy a pair of shoes is an exciting thing. It is enough of a thing in my life that I would call my father in Brisbane (where there is one store that would relentlessly put up with me and my requirements to make me happy in shoes) to tell him about a pair of red canvas boots.

Keep's Tatum Bootie! Amazing. This picture is of the black one so please use your imagination to invision the same shoe in tomato-red! Still with the green rubber soul! Green and red is such a posi-amazing colour combination I don't care if you think it'll always be associated with Christmas. And maybe you can't see this but the tread of the sole has been cut with the mose amazingly intricate design of long grass crops. I've discovered that this shoe is also available in Purple though I'm not sure where from as Monk House only stock Red and Black, and that is sometimes the only place I ever care enough to regularly pop into to look at things.
Tough red canvas, mid-ankle height, adorable duffle-style toggle closers, I am pretty much going to be stuck in these for at least the rest of the year, I'd say! Not only are they super comfy and practical and veg and ethical (they are partly made in china in approved cruelty-free factories, which is more ethical than some other shoes) but they are proving for instant-satisfaction glimpses under the desk at work.


Philippa O said...

hehe, bloggin about shoes, you uberfemme!

Léna, said...

naaaah, i am the ubermensch.

also. aduki online has now, in a recent update, blogged about Keep shoes also.